29 Time library [time]

29.6 Class template time_point [time.point]

29.6.1 General [time.point.general]

namespace std::chrono { template<class Clock, class Duration = typename Clock::duration> class time_point { public: using clock = Clock; using duration = Duration; using rep = typename duration::rep; using period = typename duration::period; private: duration d_; // exposition only public: // [time.point.cons], construct constexpr time_point(); // has value epoch constexpr explicit time_point(const duration& d); // same as time_point() + d template<class Duration2> constexpr time_point(const time_point<clock, Duration2>& t); // [time.point.observer], observer constexpr duration time_since_epoch() const; // [time.point.arithmetic], arithmetic constexpr time_point& operator++(); constexpr time_point operator++(int); constexpr time_point& operator--(); constexpr time_point operator--(int); constexpr time_point& operator+=(const duration& d); constexpr time_point& operator-=(const duration& d); // [time.point.special], special values static constexpr time_point min() noexcept; static constexpr time_point max() noexcept; }; }
If Duration is not a specialization of duration, the program is ill-formed.