29 Time library [time]

29.4 Time-related traits [time.traits]

29.4.1 treat_as_floating_point [time.traits.is.fp]

template<class Rep> struct treat_as_floating_point : is_floating_point<Rep> { };
The duration template uses the treat_as_floating_point trait to help determine if a duration object can be converted to another duration with a different tick period.
If treat_as_floating_point_v<Rep> is true, then implicit conversions are allowed among durations.
Otherwise, the implicit convertibility depends on the tick periods of the durations.
[Note 1: 
The intention of this trait is to indicate whether a given class behaves like a floating-point type, and thus allows division of one value by another with acceptable loss of precision.
If treat_as_floating_point_v<Rep> is false, Rep will be treated as if it behaved like an integral type for the purpose of these conversions.
— end note]